Why The Right Mindset Is Key

When I say “healthy mindset” or “healthy weight loss” or “healthy weight management”, what does that mean to you? What images come to mind? What tasks or activities does it entail? When you consider the fact that most people in the western world are overweight or are actively trying to lose weight, these notions become really important.

Anti-Inflammatory Boosters

We have arrived to the 3rd and Final Step of my Inflammation Controlling Plan. Once you’re filling your plate and body with anti-inflammatory foods and you’ve identified and removed any offending foods, then we can start adding in some targeted boosters. Beyond the typical over-the-counter anti-inflammatories available to you (think advil, ibuprofen, benadryl, hydrocortisone, etc) there are a plethora of culinary and natural remedies that work synergistically to rid your body of inflammation for good; not just cover up the symptoms.

What To Do When Your Food Is Hurting You

It started with ear infections, which of course were treated with antibiotics. It eventually evolved into horrible seasonal allergies and headaches. As I got older they only got worse. Some days my allergies would be so bad that I would feel like I had the flu. I was treated with everything conventional medicine had to offer; allergy shots, daily meds, but without much improvement. As a teenager I got to add acne to the list of (oh-so-common) childhood complaints.

Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet

If you know for certain that you’re suffering from chronic inflammation or even if you suspect that you are, the first step in starting to control that inflammation is through your diet. Nutrition research has shown us that certain foods will increase the number of inflammatory cytokines circulating in your blood, while other foods will lower those same cytokines. This is powerful information. This means that with every bite of food you put in your body you have the power to regulate the inflammatory process.

Warning Signs of Chronic Inflammation

Long-term uncontrolled inflammation can wreak havoc on your body; everything from autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and Alzheimer’s can all be traced back to inflammation. Before it gets to the point of disease there are warning signs that inflammation is building in the body. If you pay attention to these signs and take the steps necessary to regulate the inflammatory process you may very well prevent those diseases from ever becoming a problem. So the question then is, are you experiencing chronic inflammation?

A Cure For Acne

Let’s dive in and uncover the strategies that really work. Not the gimmicky ads to buy another product but actual healing from the inside out.We first need to talk about the real causes of acne.