A Cure For Acne

Let’s dive in and uncover the strategies that really work. Not the gimmicky ads to buy another product but actual healing from the inside out.We first need to talk about the real causes of acne.

Protecting Summer Skin

The sun is not the enemy we have been led to believe. The sun is important for many aspects of our health; vitamin D production, boosting the immune system, improving oxygen content in the blood, lowering blood pressure, improving skin conditions, and lowering risk for depression and improving mood. But of course too much of it, especially when it burns the skin, can be a problem. Increasing our risk for skin cancer as well as causing increased aging of the skin.

Soothe Your Skin

Is your skin prone to inflammation and irritation? Perhaps you have always had extremely sensitive skin—the type that sunburns in a matter of minutes, or that breaks out in hives after a seemingly minor contact with something “foreign.” Maybe you suffer from burning or itching sensations, acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, or any number of other inflammatory skin conditions.

Cooling Summer Beverages

Most of us know we should be drinking more water, right?! An estimated 75% of adults are chronically dehydrated. So….7 ½ of you reading this article right now are dehydrated. And of course this number goes up in the hot summer months when your fluid needs are even greater. There is a long list of health benefits associated with hydration; including detoxification, digestion, and improved skin health!

The Secret To Glowing Skin

As someone who struggled with cystic acne for most of her teenage and young adult life I definitely don't take it lightly when someone shares a compliment about my skin. I will dive into my story in more detail in an upcoming post but let's just say it wasn't without a lot of experimenting and hard work to figure out all the culprits. What I want to focus on today are the foundational factors that I discovered to turn my skin around and keep it looking clear and glowing all these years later.

Eating in Season: Summer

I don’t know about you but I have truly been enjoying Spring this year. After moving through a cold, grey, and snowy winter Spring was such a welcome relief. The warm sun, beautiful spring flowers, and of course all the yummy spring produce. And now we are already on the precipice of Summer. As we move into the summer heat even more delicious fruits and veggies come into their own and let’s face it there is nothing quite like a rich red juicy tomato just picked or the sweetness found in a freshly picked peach. Truly, nature provides us with such amazingly delicious food. When you get used to eating fresh whole foods in season it becomes really obvious how bland, flavorless, and devoid of life-giving energy processed foods really are.