You understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle in supporting your patient’s treatment plan BUT you're busy, you likely have a long wait list of patients eager to meet with you, and you just aren't able to coach them through all the dietary pieces they need. Scheduling regular follow-ups with patients may be challenging. And adding time for research and staying up to date in your field of medicine leaves little to no time to tackle challenging nutrition questions. Plus, on top of all of this, the standard dietary advice just isn't working and your patients need something more!​

​When you decide to add an integrative nutrition expert to your team, you will be adding a provider you can trust to apply evidence-based strategies and find creative solutions for your patients. You will be adding a team member who will keep you updated and will be there for your patients; coaching and following up with them as often as they need to see progress.

One of the best parts of my job is being able to collaborate with amazing providers on the cutting edge of integrative medicine and together helping their patients see results. If you haven't already, you can read more about me and my experience HERE.

When you decide to work with me, you'll receive all of the following:​​​​

  • A nutrition expert who will work alongside you to support your treatment goals and help your patient achieve those goals faster.
  • Communication from me of the goals and plan your patient and I have agreed to.
  • The confidence that your patient is in great hands and knowing that I will always keep you in the loop of what they’re doing.
  • An elevated practice that can advertise that you have an Integrative Nutrition Expert on your team.
  • Your patients will receive a 15% discount on appointments
  • PLUS as a thank you for your ongoing referrals I am also happy to offer you:
    • 2 articles of original content each year that can be used in your newsletter, on your website or blog, wherever you choose.

    • 1 workshop/talk each year to be held at your clinic or an event you’re hosting.

Sound good?! Let's set up a time to chat.

My name is Dr. Jennifer Ashby, DAOM. I am an acupuncturist who has been in practice for 21 years. I worked with Dionne Detraz at UCSF Osher Center of Integrative Medicine and I also currently refer to her from my private practice. Dionne has been a life-saver when it comes to navigating the dietary needs of my patient’s very complex needs. She is able to analyze and direct patients so that they can succeed and follow the arranged plan. I find working with her very unique because although she is a dietitian, she is also a whole food nutritionist who views eating as a lifestyle to optimize health, as opposed to just making sure you are getting the nutritional requirements needed. She is well versed in medicine and the intricate needs of the multitude of diagnoses I send to her including but not limited to: cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, women’s health at all stages, fertility and hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammation, emotional imbalances and food as it relates to trauma recovery. The feedback I have received from our shared patients has been overwhelmingly positive. They rave about her clinical approach and her easy demeanor. She is very approachable and easily accessible, which patients have said makes the whole experience enjoyable and not overwhelming. Her blogs support many patients with ideas for preparing the foods they have been directed to eat. Working with Dionne has taken the work out of doing tons of research to support my patient’s dietary needs on my own. Being able to refer them to someone who I know will meet them where they are and steer them toward healthier and more balanced eating that is also tailored to their specific diagnosis, has been a game changer for my practice.

Jennifer Ashby, DAOM

My name is Sanford Newmark, MD. I am an Integrative Pediatrician, Head of the UCSF Pediatric Integrative Neurodevelopmental Program, and Director of Clinical Programs at UCSF Osher Center. I have been in practice for 30 years. Diet, supplements, and a family's relationship around food are essential components in the work that I do with Autism and ADHD. Dionne has helped me make this a more robust piece of the counseling that I offer families. She has developed handouts and meal plans for my patients and is available to coach and follow-up with families as long as needed for them to be successful. For families who are overwhelmed with the level of dietary change suggested, Dionne makes it less stressful and more practical  for them to adopt. I know that with Dionne's guidance they will be much more likely to be successful in applying the dietary strategies we discussed. Our shared patients routinely tell me that Dionne is absolutely wonderful to work with. Without hesitation, I would recommend adding Dionne to your health care team."

Sanford Newmark, MD

My name is Anand Dhruva, MD. I am an Integrative Oncologist and Ayurvedic Practitioner at UCSF Osher Center and have been in practice for almost 20 years. Nutrition is a critical component to Ayurvedic medicine and to the work that I do in Oncology. Although I can tell patients what I would like them to do with their diet it is difficult for me to find the time to provide the follow-up they need to be successful. By referring to Dionne I know that my patients will get outstanding advice from her on how to implement dietary recommendations. Our shared patients routinely tell me how much they like working with Dionne, how supportive she is, and what great ideas she has about diet plans and implementing dietary strategies. Without hesitation, I would recommend adding Dionne to your health care team.

Anand Dhruva, MD

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