Cultivating Longevity: The Secrets To A Long And Healthy Life

The third pillar of The Rustic Diet is based on Cultivating Longevity. Once you’re supporting digestion and following anti-inflammatory guidelines it’s time to look to the broader picture of promoting longevity. Based on the previous two blog posts you know that a healthy gut and lowering inflammation in the body are both critical to preventing […]

Chronic Inflammation: A Modern Day Germ Theory

My last blog post introduced the first pillar of The Rustic Diet, Digestive Health. Today I want to talk a bit about the second pillar, Inflammation Lowering. In order to create a diet that promotes optimal health, lowering inflammation has to be a primary feature. Inflammation Explained Inflammation is a normal and necessary process of […]

Digestion: The Seat Of Health

One of the 3 pillars of The Rustic Diet is Digestive Health. I thought I would spend a little time talking to you about why I think it’s so important to start with digestion. The seat of health resides in the gut. Without optimal digestive function we are at risk for malnutrition and systemic inflammation. […]