Return to Healthy Habits: 4 Easy Ways to Get Back on Track

This week my girls went back to school. In France they call this La Rentrée; literally translated as “The Return”. Of course this applies to all the kids heading back to school but also applies to everyone heading back to work. After summer holidays, which for many people in France extend throughout the month of […]

Lovely Lunches

What do your lunches look like? Are they an after-thought? Are they grab & go eat at your desk kind of lunches? Are they eaten out because you just don’t have time to throw something together in the morning? Maybe they’re skipped entirely and substituted with snacks during the day. OR maybe you’re lucky enough […]

5 Tips To Lessen The Side Effects From Cancer Treatment

How sick is treatment going to make me? This is the most common fear I hear from patients beginning their cancer journey and definitely a fair question. When you’re in the early stages you’re still trying to assimilate the reality of this diagnosis. You may not even know for certain what your treatment plan will […]

What’s For Breakfast?

In my house this question gets asked just as often as the “what’s for dinner” question. Breakfast is big in our house….literally and figuratively. All four of us are huge breakfast fans and we’ve been known to enjoy it for lunch and even dinner on occasion. We’re also used to sitting down as a family […]

Cancer Isn’t From Bad Luck: Your 3-Step Plan To Cancer Recovery

My Dad and I, in Nov 2013, after his last round of treatment!It was my Father’s last CT scan before being given the title…..“cured of cancer”!! 6 months of chemotherapy. 5 years of follow-up appointments. Scans every 6 months. All leading to this moment, the feeling of being officially cancer-free. All previous scans had been […]