It started with ear infections, which of course were treated with antibiotics. It eventually evolved into horrible seasonal allergies and headaches. As I got older they only got worse. Some days my allergies would be so bad that I would feel like I had the flu. I was treated with everything conventional medicine had to offer; allergy shots, daily medications, but without much improvement. As a teenager I got to add acne to the list of (oh-so-common) childhood complaints.

My father also had horrible allergies; just like me. And when I was only 5 years old he also started developing symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This unfortunately led to a total knee replacement by the time he was 40. In his early 50’s he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (without obesity) and then suffered a (thankfully non-fatal) heart attack at 55. In his 60’s a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A testament to his hearty German genes he is still alive and well and living beyond all these diseases.

Why do I share this with you? Well, what do all these symptoms have in common? What do I see every day in my practice at the root of so many hard to treat health conditions……Inflammation!

Once I realized this common thread it became impossible to not dive into this topic head first; learning everything I could about inflammation and how to treat it.

Here’s what I found:

  1. Returning to a Rustic Real Food Diet is paramount.

  2. Identifying and removing all possible irritants is essential and often transformative.

  3. Adding in anti-inflammatory remedies can boost the healing process.

I have seen lives change when they applied the above 3 principles. This journey is tranformative but can also be overwhelming if not in the caring hands of a coach who can guide you and offer you realistic ways to fit the protocol into your life.

I truly believe that healthy doesn’t have to be hard but it does take work and effort to shift your destiny from a place of pain and dispair to a place of thriving health. I can help you get there.

Dionne’s mother is a client of mine and she shared her blog with me. I loved what she had to say. She spoke my language and although I consider myself an 80% perfect eater, I knew she had more good knowledge that I could benefit from. My chronic back pain has no explanation from X-rays and MRI’s so we blame it on good old inflammation. With some tweaking to my diet and within just a month I feel a difference. Dionne is lovely to talk to and I am constantly encouraged and reminded by her blog to do my best when it comes to consumption of food! I tell all my friends about her and love having her as an influence on my family’s long term health.

Michelle – back pain

When I first contacted Dionne, I was at my wit’s end. I had tried just about every eating regimen over the past 30 years (vegetarian, vegan, raw, low-fat/high carb, high-fat/low carb, pescatarian, auto-immune) and ended up developing a skin rash after being on an auto-immune diet for two months and diving back into “regular food” (gluten, sugar, and other inflammatory foods) without any care. I thought at first it was an allergic reaction to cashews, but food allergy testing showed I wasn’t allergic to anything. Long story short, after four months of this mysterious rash, my revered acupuncturist recommended I consult with Dionne. I was already well versed in a variety of nutritional theory and practice, and though I had worked with a few other nutritionists in the past, I was dismayed by their mainstream approach to food.  They invariably recommended following the USDA Food Pyramid and had nothing more ground-breaking to offer. I felt like I knew more than they did, which did not give me confidence in their advice. Not only that, but when I saw a “heart healthy menu” in a hospital offered waffles and sugar-free maple syrup for breakfast I realized that a lot of the nutritionists “in charge” are out to lunch! My acupuncturist assured me that Dionne was different and she was right. From our first conversation, Dionne was vibrantly engaged with my story and was realistic about a path moving forward. She validated my viewpoints and supported my individuality.  She was not taking a one-size-fit-all approach and she was insightful and adept.  If I told her I wasn’t ready to do XYZ, she respected that and offered me solutions I was willing to try. Dionne’s goal was to help me find a way I could say “yes” to experimenting with some of my eating habits so that I could feel better.  Additionally, soon after we started talking, it became clear there were many deeply ingrained voices in my head about what and how I should eat. It unexpectedly became emotional for me to unpack all that food clutter in my psyche! However, like a skilled therapist, Dionne was right there, helping me feel better about something I wasn’t even aware was weighing me down and keeping me from relishing natural foods like a gorgeously ripe peach. (“Too much sugar!  Too many carbs!” I cried out.) After following Dionne’s pragmatic suggestions for one month, I noticed myself having more energy. My skin started getting better and I felt more at peace within myself as well since I was able to quiet a lot of those old, nagging, fear-based voices.  I definitely recommend Dionne to anyone who is ready to be inspired and supported by her down-to-earth approach to wellness through eating real food that nourishes the body and soul. 

Francine – skin rash

I was trying to fix a really hard issue with my digestion. I did several medical tests and everything was showing  inflammation in my duodenum plus a severe gastritis. I tried different treatments without really fixing the issue. A couple of weeks of improvement and then back to the nightmare. I started seeing an acupuncturist and she recommended I reach out to Dionne.  Working together I started to realize that the issue was not in my stomach or duodenum but in my diet. I needed to completely change my lifestyle; start exercising and eating differently. Within a couple of months I really noticed the difference.  I totally suggest making an appointment with her. Talking and sharing my experiences with her, she was really able to understand my problem, and teach me how to find my balance. It was really a great experience and now after several months I am still doing great.

Iolando – digestive issues

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