Food As Medicine: Coconut Oil

As an Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist, I believe whole-heartedly that food has an incredible power to heal and prevent disease. When you nourish your body with the right foods you will have everything you need to ignite the healing process, keep disease at bay, and (frankly) feel amazing! Although I discuss the healing power of food […]

When Should You Consider A Therapeutic Diet

When should you consider a therapeutic diet for your child? In my last post we discussed how sensitive kids are to triggers of inflammation and how chronic inflammation can present itself. If your child has any of the conditions described in that post or if you are at all suspicious that inflammation is looming its […]

Inflammation And Your Child

Throughout my blog I’ve spoken at length as to why I’m concerned about the rising tide of chronic inflammation and how our modern-day lifestyle is perpetuating this condition. Unfortunately it is not just adults who fall victim to this issue. During my years working for UCSF I have seen firsthand how inflammation can create havoc […]

Warning Signs of Chronic Inflammation

After spending the last 5 years working specifically with patients and clients on lowering inflammation I truly believe this has become our modern day epidemic. It underlies so many of today’s hard-to-treat health challenges. Between our modern-day diet, lifestyle, stress, and level of toxic exposure it’s easy to see why so many people are dealing […]

A Cure For Acne

Throughout my teenage years and early-20s I suffered with cystic acne. I don’t take that word “suffering” lightly. I did suffer; emotionally and physically (they hurt). Moving through puberty and the emotional turmoil of finding your place in this world. Feeling insecure and yet trying to find confidence. All of this is difficult for anyone […]