Sugar: Your Limiting Factor

Despite all your best intentions with anti-inflammatory foods, supplements, organics, stress, sleep, and exercise, if sugar is still sneaking into your diet it is probably why you are still struggling with inflammation and challenging symptoms. Sugar is such an important piece to the inflammation puzzle. This is why I call it the limiting factor. In […]

Food As Medicine: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is arguably the most common and most used household spice. Even for those of you, like myself, who grew up with bland diets, flavored only by salt and pepper, I bet you still had cinnamon in your repertoire. The unique smell, color and flavor of cinnamon is due to the oily part of the […]

How To Heal A Broken Brain

Did you know that brain disorders are on the rise? More than 60% of adults and more than 20% of kids have some type of brain disorder. 9% of kids ages 8-15 will be diagnosed with ADHD and 1 out of every 166 kids will be diagnosed with Autism (that’s an 11 fold increase just […]

Food As Medicine: Ginger

Ginger is probably one of the most widely consumed condiments across the world. It’s a staple in many cuisines, ranging from the Caribbean, to India, and throughout Asia. Ginger comes from the plant Zingiber officinale and is in the same plant family (Zingiberaceae ) as Turmeric and Cardamom. The root (rhizome) is harvested and used […]

Food As Medicine: Turmeric

Let’s continue our new series with what many consider to be the most powerful spice available in both preventing and treating disease. It also happens to be one of the most studied spices with over 10,000 peer-reviewed articles published! Turmeric has long been used in both cooking and dying. It has also played an important […]