5 Steps To Healthy Weight Loss

Are you wanting to lose a few pounds…or maybe a lot of pounds? If so, you’re definitely not alone. More than ⅔ of Americans (and more than 50% of adults globally) are either overweight or obese; many of whom are actively trying to lose weight. We’ve all been told that being overweight or obese will […]

How To Take Charge of your Healing with Meal Planning & Batch Cooking

By: Guest Blogger Priya Padmanabhan Receiving a cancer diagnosis, moving through treatment, and getting through the journey can feel like conquering Mount Everest. That hike up and down the mountain is unique to each person. As a breast cancer thriver, I can vouch for that. In this article, I will share how self-care routines, specifically […]

Enhance Your Immune System With Diet

I had so much fun talking with Jeanne Rosner, MD and the SOUL Food Salon folks all about “Nourishing The Immune System” this month. Were you able to join us? I’d love to hear what you thought if you were there! It’s sort of a strange thing to talk to a computer and imagine all the people […]

Real Food First

I was a child of the 80’s. Both of my parents worked outside of the home while my sister and I were bouncing around from school to swim practice to homework. We grew up with all the packaged, processed, and convenience foods that were so popular during this decade and frankly made life easier for […]

Integrative Strategies to Protect Yourself From COVID-19

It’s been five weeks since we began our quarantine here in France. And the French president announced last week that we will continue the confinement for at least another three weeks.  In the past few months since this pandemic began in China we are slowly but surely learning more about the virus plus how to […]