10 Powerful Cancer Fighting Foods

How do you build the perfect diet to help your body heal & recover from cancer? Personally, I believe this will look a bit different for everyone. Depending on your lifestyle, your food preferences, your cancer, your treatment plan, PLUS the suspected underlying imbalances that may have contributed to the cancer. BUT there are some […]

5 Tips To Lessen The Side Effects From Cancer Treatment

How sick is treatment going to make me? This is the most common fear I hear from patients beginning their cancer journey and definitely a fair question. When you’re in the early stages you’re still trying to assimilate the reality of this diagnosis. You may not even know for certain what your treatment plan will […]

Cancer Isn’t From Bad Luck: Your 3-Step Plan To Cancer Recovery

It was my Father’s last CT scan before being given the title…..“cured of cancer”!! 6 months of chemotherapy. 5 years of follow-up appointments. Scans every 6 months. All leading to this moment, the feeling of being officially cancer-free. All previous scans had been clear and we were anticipating the best. My parents sat in the […]

Inflammation: A Key Factor In Cancer Growth

Cancer cells are your cells! Your body made the cancer. It’s not a pathogen or external organism (although these may have a role to play as we’ll discuss more), it’s your own body. If you accept this as true, then the reverse is also true. And that’s the exciting part! Your body can identify & […]

7 Supplements Every Cancer Patient Should Consider

If you’ve recently received a cancer diagnosis OR if it runs in your family and you know you’re at high risk, the temptation to find the “magic bullet” is real. Of course, you want to do everything you can to both prevent cancer and help your body get rid of it. But will a single […]