Hi. I’m Dionne Detraz, RDN. I’m an Integrative Cancer Nutritionist, wife, mom, and daughter of a cancer patient. When my father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma I had the opportunity to put all my research and clinical experience to good use. When it touches you personally of course the odds feel greater. I went with him to his first appointment, got his Oncologist on board with my ideas, and started my Dad on a cancer recovery food and supplement plan.

For the next 6 months he went through intensive chemotherapy to fight his cancer while following the plan we put in place for him. Not only was it effective but he was actually able to move through treatment with very little side effects while still working and living his life. Aside from his bald head you wouldn’t even know he was going through treatment.

I am continually amazed at how the right foods (and sometimes supplements) can dramatically impact a person’s cancer journey. This is why I’ve dedicated myself to helping others optimize their cancer recovery using the power of real food and targeted strategies.

Here are my 3 biggest concerns when it comes to cancer and nutrition:

Cancer Patients Are Being Told That Diet Doesn’t Matter

Well-meaning (but misinformed) clinicians, pharmacists, nurses and other practitioners in the cancer world are constantly telling patients that now is not the time to worry about their food; “eat whatever you want” or “add in more ice cream or other treats to help you keep the weight on”. Worse yet, cancer patients are actually being offered candy, cookies, and other treats WHILE they’re getting chemotherapy!! This advice couldn’t be farther from the truth. If there was ever a time to care about the food being put in your body, NOW is it!

Patients Are Suffering Through Treatment

Patients are sludging their way through the rigors of conventional treatments (chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation) literally suffering all the way through. The wear and tear of side effects from these treatments can often be more disabling and weakening then the cancer itself. BUT it doesn’t have to be. There are SO many strategies, tips, and tricks that can be added during treatment to minimize side effects or even remove them all together. Better yet, many of these strategies can also ENHANCE treatment.

Patients Are Not Being Empowered To Take An Active Role

Time and again I hear the debilitating self-talk of patients that there’s nothing they can do to fight the cancer. It was just their bad luck and now it’s up to their medical team to “save” them! This is so far from the truth. An estimated 30% of cancers are caused by diet and up to 70% are caused by a combination of diet and lifestyle! That means, there is A LOT you can do to change your destiny. To help your body heal from cancer and prevent it from coming back.

What Clients Are Saying About Working With Me

I found Dionne’s website when I was searching for meal planning for my husband. He was recently diagnosed with cancer, and I was very confused with how to go about selecting foods with the myriad of eating plans out there. (ketogenic, macrobiotic, paleo, Zone, anti-cancer, whole foods, raw food, etc.) It was becoming overwhelming, and my husband was losing weight, not quite sure knowing what or what not to eat. Dionne’s meal planning is simple, straight forward, and takes the guess work out of what to eat. Her meal plans combine the best of those out there, is balanced, and takes into account anti-inflammatory principles so important for cancer. Plus it’s working! My husband’s weight has stabilized, and he looks forward to eating with the varied selections available. — Gail

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2016. Luckily it was a non-metastasized cancer. So I only had to go through surgery to remove the tumor. No chemotherapy, no radiation. But I was advised to take an estrogen-blocking drug that I did not want to take because, among many side effects, it would aggravate my already existing osteoporosis. I learned that UCSF is working with a center for integrative medicine. There, nutrition plays a big part of the treatment and I was given some important advice: eliminate sugar and greasy food, and eat a lot of phytoestrogens. But after a few months of this strict diet, I felt that I was losing too much weight and I was weak. I needed to speak to a nutritionist. I was then advised to contact Dionne who was living in France. We met on Skype: she explained that I did not eat enough proteins and helped me modify slightly my diet. The result was immediate: I gained enough weight to feel strong and she had reassured me. Dionne is a very warm and caring person. I felt very comfortable with her. She is very knowledgeable in the area that is so important for me right now. She has great recipes on her blog and keeps in touch with me regularly. I can count on her! — Dorothee

My name is Anand Dhruva, MD. I am an Integrative Oncologist and Ayurvedic Practitioner at UCSF Osher Center and have been in practice for almost 20 years. Nutrition is a critical component to Ayurvedic medicine and to the work that I do in Oncology. Although I can tell patients what I would like them to do with their diet it is difficult for me to find the time to provide the follow-up they need to be successful. By referring to Dionne I know that my patients will get outstanding advice from her on how to implement dietary recommendations. Our shared patients routinely tell me how much they like working with Dionne, how supportive she is, and what great ideas she has about diet plans and implementing dietary strategies. Without hesitation, I would recommend adding Dionne to your health care team. — Anand

You CAN Help Your Body Heal From Cancer.

It is scary to hear your doctor tell you, “You Have Cancer”!

Although people are living longer and better with and beyond cancer, it still immediately ignites fear!

One of the first things patients do (or their well-intentioned loved ones) after hearing those words, is to get online and start researching how to fight cancer. If you’re here, reading this right now, I’m going to assume that you’ve done the same. And I know it’s completely overwhelming!

You want to do everything you can BUT you also don’t want to do the wrong thing!

The information is vast and often conflicting, particularly when it comes to diet. There are advocates on every side of the table; vegan, paleo, ketogenic, raw food, juicing, alkaline…the list goes on and on. How do you know which one to do? How do you know which one is going to be the best choice for you?

You can’t know! There is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to cancer and diet. That’s where I come in. I will help you sift through what actually works and what is ultimately going to work best for you. This depends on your cancer, your treatment plan, your lifestyle, and the suspected cause(s) of the cancer.

From the moment you receive that diagnosis, you are on a cancer recovery journey. Whether you’re at the beginning, middle, or end of this journey, I will help you maximize your diet and lifestyle so you can thrive well beyond cancer.

Click the link below to book a Free Planning Session and let’s start designing your ideal cancer recovery plan.

I look forward to working with you,