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Online Consultations

Working with an expert Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist you will receive a thorough nutrition assessment with extensive instruction and coaching in the rustic diet and lifestyle with personalized recommendations based on your specific health circumstances, goals and lifestyle needs.  The initial session will also include an assessment of your digestive integrity along with recommendations to maximize the health of your gut. Ongoing coaching and refinement of recommendations will be provided until your health goals are reached.

Meal Plans

One of the essential practices on the road to improved health is cooking your own food.  This doesn't mean hours and hours of cooking every day but it does mean getting back to your kitchen and learning to cook some simple meals if you've never cooked before.  As part of your online consultation you will receive a seasonal month-long meal plan to help you put the Rustic Diet into action.  The meal plan will change with the seasons to include foods that are available during those months as well as to honor the changing temperatures and needs of our bodies.


One of the benefits of working with an expert Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist is the professional assessment of supplements and whether or not they would be helpful to the overall plan.  A considerable amount of time is spent reviewing the evidence for supplements and if deemed appropriate then only the highest quality supplements would be recommended.  As a benefit of being a client of The Rustic Dietitian you will receive access to professional-grade supplements at a discounted rate.