Products & Services

The Rustic Dietitian makes it easy to get the support you need to achieve your health goals. All in the comfort of your own home; on your computer, tablet or phone. 


Working with an expert Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist will help you reach your health goals faster.  One-on-one online consultations are available providing a thorough nutrition assessment with extensive instruction and coaching in the Rustic Diet and Lifestyle with personalized recommendations based on your specific health circumstances, goals, and lifestyle needs. 


The Rustic Remedy: Weight Loss Without Dieting 12-week Group Weight Loss Program is available three times a year. This life-changing program walks you through all the steps necessary to restore a healthy metabolism, helping you naturally achieve a healthy weight and optimize your health. A program that builds on healthy changes rather than eliminates or deprives.


The Rustic Remedy: Weight Loss Without Dieting Guidebook is a wealth of information with over 90 pages of tips, worksheets, and recipes. It walks you through the 12-week life-changing weight loss program step-by-step, allowing you to take it at your own pace. Gradually building on each week and naturally restoring a healthy metabolism.