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Miso Hungry

Miso Hungry

This month's Health Documentary is Miso Hungry. It was originally released in November 2015. It follows Australian Comedian Craig Anderson as he attempts to eat nothing but traditional, authentic, Japanese cooking for 12 weeks. The Japanese people are known to be some of the healthiest and longest-lived people in the world; with very low levels of obesity, heart disease, and cancer. In the film you follow along as Craig flies to Japan for 2 weeks to learn first-hand how the Japanese people eat and live and most importantly how he will bring that lifestyle back to Australia with him. 

Craig is 38 years old. He starts this journey 60 kg overweight with elevated liver enzymes and lab values placing him at risk for both heart disease and Diabetes. He has tried "Diets" in the past but has always defaulted back to his "fast-food, junk-food" diet. He's ready for a complete lifestyle change and you get to follow along as he embarks on this, often comical, journey.

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Take Home Message:

Although the message is not unique I enjoyed this film and what it had to offer. During his time in Japan Craig walks almost twice as much as what he does back home, eats only homemade real food with lots of plants and very little animal food, drops the soda and coffee for green tea and water, learns to cook and use unfamiliar ingredients, and adds a lot more super foods into his diet (seaweed, matcha, natto, miso, shiitake).

He is able to sustain the diet back home, quite easily according to his own account. It's therefore no surprise that after 12 weeks he loses weight (over 20 kg) and improves all of his blood markers. He has less pain, more energy, and is happier overall.

For me, the bottom line is simple. Regardless of what specific diet you choose to follow there are certain commonalities that must be in place for us to improve our health and lose weight.

  • Eat lots of veggies and plants.
  • Eat real food and a lot less processed foods.
  • Move our body every day.
  • And most importantly cook.

I think that was probably Craig's biggest change. He went from eating almost all of his meals out to cooking all of his own food. Even getting up earlier to make a bento box of healthy Japanese cuisine when he knew he was going to be filming all day. When we make cooking a priority our health will transform. It's inevitable. When we make time to plan our meals, get to the store, and prepare our meals at home we naturally will lose weight and optimize our health. It starts with the right mindset. The mindset that cooking is important and is non-negotiable. 

This documentary perfectly kicks off May for The Rustic Tribe where we will be talking about all things Meal Planning. How to more easily incorporate tools and strategies to cook more, plan ahead, and eat out less. If you're ready, like Craig, to get back to a traditional, authentic, lifestyle then join us. Join the Tribe and you'll get weekly tips, strategies, recipes, and more delivered straight to your Inbox.

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