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Food, Incorporated

Food, Incorporated

Although this documentary film was originally released over 8 years ago, 2008, its message is just as true today as it was then, which is both horrifying and sobering.  I watched it back then and watched it again right before writing this review and it surprised me how the issues discussed in this film are still a problem today. Although I believe many consumers have started to change the way they eat and buy their food, there is still a lot to do to shift the political and cultural norms in our country.

Food, Inc exposes the ugly truth behind the Industrial Food System in the United States. It is not for the faint of heart. Admittedly there were many parts I had to turn my eyes. But the information is so important! We need to know what we are eating. Not just the food that's attractively displayed on the supermarket shelf but all the steps that went into making that food; the seed, the farm, the factory, etc. Once you're eyes have seen the reality, it will be very hard to mindlessly buy food ever again. The film explores many different aspects of the food industry; the meat, pork, and poultry industries, the farming of corn and soy, food safety issues, and public policy concerns.

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Take Home Message:

Here are some highlights I took away from the film:

  • With 47,000 different food products in the average supermarket, there are only a handful of food ingredients being used (mostly products of corn and soy) and only a handful of food conglomerates making these products.
  • Our current problems began when the traditional farm was taken over by factory farms.
  • The calories that are subsidized in our country are the calories that are bad for us; veggies do not have strong lobbying arms in the government.
  • There are serious food safety issues at play here plus complete neglect for worker's rights.
  • With every purchase we make at the store, we have the POWER to vote for the kind of food we want to see more of.
  • We can demand good, wholesome food.
  • We can change the world with every bite we take!

If this film opens your eyes the way it did for me the first time I saw it, then I encourage you to start voting with your food dollars.  Seek out the best quality food you can afford.  Buy organic and grass-fed whenever possible.  Buy local and shop at your Farmers' Markets.  Even better, get to know your local farmers and buy directly from them if you can.  Wouldn't we all love to have a Polyface Farms within driving distance of us.

With so many issues and concerns in the world right now, I admit it's hard to add another one on to your activism plate.  But ultimately what is more important than our food?! Not only does it determine our own health and that of our family and communities but also the health of the planet. Do what you can.  Every little action each of us takes will continue to shift the Industrial Food System to a healthier and more sustainable system.

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